Founded in 1989, Protective Capital Structures Corp. (OTC: PCSO) is a relaunching financial services company whose purpose is to create alternative capital financing strategies with lower default risk and volatility. This is accomplished by the use of its proprietary Business Collateral Line-of-Credit (BCLOC) product and associates technologies which incorporate both hybrid marketable securities and cash strategies, providing better than above average returns on invested assets.

PCSO’s BCLOC product is a security developed as a means of capital financing. It’s packages as a fixed asset investment linked to an equity security, in order to minimize certain investment risks while providing for higher than average investment returns for the given amount of risk anticipated. The BCLOC product uses technologies to mitigate client risk and grow their business investments as a part of the capital financing process.

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PCSO Provisional Org Chart as of 06/11/2020